[Music Package #3] Wasteland's Chimes Figure 2

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[Music Package #3] Wasteland's Chimes Figure 2

Post by Frank on Sun May 08, 2011 10:09 am

And the last one of the batch (for now).

Wasteland's Chimes Figure 2

1- After It
2- Forgotten Armies
3- A Farmers Life
4- A Ghostly Town
5- Howls Of The Dead
6- More Meat For The Grinder
7- The Search For Tech


Don't let yourself be fooled by the coverart - this is actually one of the most sinister things I recorded yet. Wink Most of these are pure background ambience, no real "music". It was already recorded as videogame tunes in mind. Two of the tracks are used in the "FOnline:2238" game.

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