[Music Package #2] Ancient Horse, Full Of Glue

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[Music Package #2] Ancient Horse, Full Of Glue

Post by Frank on Sun May 08, 2011 9:49 am

Just like we did it with numero uno, here comes the next one. Enjoy.

Ancient Horse, Full Of Glue.

1- Birds Song
2 - In Vains
3 - Birth Of A Star
4 - 23 and 43
5 - Finally We Know How To Delay Our Struggle
6 - Let's Build An Ocean Full Of Flies
7 - Kansas City
8 - The Vats
9 - Barbarossa
10 - It Fades
11 - Great Queen Elizabeth the XIII
12 - White Mice
13 - Ludwig&Bartholomeus Part2


It feautures some very ambienty drones I recorded with experimental audio editing and shifting, using just a tape recorder, aswell as traditional Ambient thingies and some post-rocky tunes. It's a pretty mixed one, regarding musical genres. You'll see which parts of the EP will be used in the game. Wink

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