[Music Package #1] Tunes Of A Doomsday Tribe

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[Music Package #1] Tunes Of A Doomsday Tribe

Post by Frank on Sun May 08, 2011 9:42 am

Just for completionists sake and some forum readers may be unaware of the blog and it's earlier posted items, I here post some of my earlier ambient music albums. Some of you people may already know them or read about it on the blog, in that case, just skip these threads. Wink Some tracks you will find in there are edited and will re-appear in What Remains. Enjoy!

Tunes Of A Doomsday Tribe

1 - Hunters Territory
2 - Everythings Asleep
3 - Wood
4 - Forlorn Regions
5 - 310 Seconds Before The Fall
6 - Devastation
7 - A Sacred Place

(incase File "Wood" gives an error, grab it here)

This was my very first attempt creating atmospheric ambient music which can be considered "postapocalyptic" (whatever this means in terms of music) tunes. As some may notice, the influences from Mark Morgan (creator of the Fallout soundtracks) may be pretty obvious, however I still have my own unique style in there I hope. As said, some tracks will see an edited and renewed light of the day in What Remains.

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